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Actualy technical data´s:

Motor:                           QS-Motor 273 80H (14/34kW, 1740 turns/144V ==> Kv=12,08, 563A (703A peak), 39kg       

                                    including 4.5x17" rim

Controller:                     Emsiso EmDrive 500 (120V DC (125V Peak), 500A cont./800A peak (900A secondary current

                                    protection), water cooled, 4,9kg

Batteries:                      Turnigy Heavy Duty 6S/4S 5000mAh (60/120C, 117,6V DC, 25Ah)

Rear Suspension:           Oehlins

Steering suspension:      Oehlins

Fork suspension:            Suzuki original lowered to 55mm suspension distance

Rim:                              PVM 3.5 x 17 (10Y-Design) / QS Motor 4.5 x 17"

Tires:                            Hoosier 22/2.5-17 and 27/4.5-17 Car Front Drag tire

Actually overall weight:  164kg 

Actual top speed:           200,49 kph (740m distance, with Kelly Controller KLS 8080I 14401 @ 175V DC)

Actually accellerartion:    0-100kph= 7 seconds (@400A and 600A controller 2017)

                                                   = 4,4 seconds (@800Arms (1200A Peak))

Unoffical world record of fastest hubmotor ev on 1/4 mile (12,278 seconds @ 170kph)